Just Released “The Age of Erring and Other Tales”


My short story “The Age of Erring” would not behave.

I had ordered it to be a short story, but it tried to become a novel. I wrote at least 50 pages with no end in sight until I realized that the story was mushrooming out of my control. To contain the explosion, I reduced it to about ten pages. In the end I was happy with it, but it took me so long to write that it delayed publication of my new story collection by almost two months.

The collection, which I released last week, is The Age of Erring and Other Tales.

My new collection represents a lot of experimenting. Its stories vary widely from one another in voice, style, genre, and content – a commercial no-no in traditional publishing, which prizes uniformity and editorial consistency.

My book features androids in need of therapy, a mysterious world-wide writer disappearance, a planet whose moon is falling, a flight on an aircraft that never stops for fuel, a parable about planets that dream they are people, and a creation tale that traces the history of a single individual back to the Big Bang.

Of all my anthologies, I worked the hardest on this one. That is because I was unsatisfied with some of the stories I had published on my blog. To publish them in a book, I extensively edited many of my old stories, even rewriting some of them, while also supplying additional content.

As excited as I am about releasing my third collection, I will have to set my story-writing aside for a while because the attempted mutiny by my story “The Age of Erring” made me realize that I want to write novels again. Fortunately my stories have given me many concepts to novelize.

I like novels. While short stories allow for reckless experimentation and conceptual diversity, novels allow more depth. They allow for an intricacy and a mimicry of real life that is hard to achieve in a short narrative.

I have written three novels already, my first being Thief of Hades which I self-published in 2001.

My second, soon to be released, is The Ghosts of Chimera, a psychological fantasy adventure about an adolescent boy who ventures into a parallel universe in search of the ghost of his younger brother.

Though I am scaling back my short story writing for now, I am not about to stop writing them altogether. They allow an exhilarating sense of creative freedom that I love. In The Age of Erring and Other Tales, I made the most of it. I hope my stories convey the fascination and fun I experienced in writing them.

By the way, I have included a video in this post in which I talk about my new collection and where I get my story ideas. I will be making more videos, but mainly I will be working on my fourth novel.

It will be nice not to have to wrestle with my new novel the way I did with my short story “The Age of Erring.” I have told my current work-in-progress that it can be as long as it pleases, and it made contented Wookie vocalizations to signify approval. I was glad. When writing, it is always good to have a Wookie on your side.

6 thoughts on “Just Released “The Age of Erring and Other Tales”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video!!!!! You have a beautiful voice, and how cute is your haircut?
    (I’ll tell you the answer: super-cute!)

    You’re so articulate and honest, Lisa, not to mention wholly original. I wish I was 1/1000th as creative & imaginative and prolific as you. Too bad there aren’t pills for all that, ha ha ha! (Well, I guess LSD and MDMA count, but I’d never try those as you know, and I’m digressing…)

    How interesting that your bad days have helped your writing more than you expected it would.
    How awesome it is that you have fun writing, and that you appreciate the bad days instead of demonizing them. We can all learn from you and I hope you’ll continue to post vlogs when you feel like it because I got a lot out of this one.

    • Thank you so much for the awesome compliments Dyane!!! You’really the only one who has commented on the vlog. I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! Your vlogs, which I enjoy very much, inspired me to try it. It was easy to create But scary to release.

      And as for being creative, you are super creative!! You write an inspiring blog and you are about to get a book published traditionally. How awesome is that? I hope your editing process goes better than mine did! (I’m sure it will!)

      Thanks again for making my day with your awesome comments! You rock!! Can’t wait to read your book!!! 🙂

      • I am SO FREAKED OUT about the editing process, Lisa. UGH! AHHHHHH! I’m scared my editor will say “This sucks” and I’ll get fired.

        I think once I start working with the editor, whoever that will be (They are letting me know soon) I’ll feel better, fingers and toes crossed tightly.

        I hope it’s someone I have even a little bit of rapport with…..I’m totally concerned about that, as you know – -Craig had some major challenges with several of his editors.They had rough personalities and asked for significant changes, which he did because they were good suggestions. It worked out well for the book, but still…..I’m daunted.

        I’ll keep you posted. I still have your last email in my in-box, ha ha – it remains despite many others getting axed (I only have 10 emails in it reminding me to do such and such, like read an article – it’s really a to-do list!) because I want to share some things with you…..in the meantime, please know I think you’re amazing and I’ll start re-tweeting more of your tweets, especially as I (hopefully) grow back my followers. I’m so mad Twitter erased all of it. They are mean!

        I’m honored that my vlogs inspired you in any way. I know it’s scary to let them go out, but I force myself to do it.

        • You’re an awesome writer Dyane! I can’t imagine your editor would ever say your book “sucks” unless she’s on crack! Not that there aren’t terrible editors in the world — as I learned the hard way!

          I’m excited for you and I’m eager to hear about the process. Don’t be daunted. You’re one of the toughest people I know.

          I’d love for you to keep me updated but no rush on writing back. I know you must be really busy right now, and I really appreciate that you found the time to comment on my blog!

          Good luck with the editing! Fingers crossed. 🙂

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