Paw is Free for 5 days!

I have some great news: My novel Paw will be free for electronic download from November 7 through November 11. If you have not downloaded it yet, now is the time. Here is the description on my Amazon page:  

When Mitalla turns three, she learns that her mother has kept a dark secret from her: Mitalla is a slave. Being a member of an intelligent feline species, she has never seen a “pink and furless” human until a cruel overseer takes her and her siblings from their seemingly safe home and into a life of bondage. 

Even though Mitalla has struggled to survive as the runt of her litter, she is unprepared for the harsh world of the desert where her enslaved species is forced to mine a precious mineral collected by the human king of her world. 

As Mitalla comes of age, she constantly seeks ways to escape with her siblings into “the greater world,” a place her mother once described as having lush green grass and an abundance of food and water. To her advantage, her early struggles have honed her persistence and wit. 

Despite her strengths, cruel guards, barbed wire fencing, swords, whips, and constant hunger make escape seem all but impossible.  

Frustrated desires finally erupt in a tragedy that forces her to make a decision: to stay and suffer or risk her life and the lives of her family to escape. Either way, she will need all the cunning and courage she possesses to survive. 

The novel, which has a five star rating on Amazon,  is the first installment of a three-part series. I am currently at work on the second book of the trilogy. Thanks to all of you who have bought my books and kept up with my blog! There will be more stories, blogs, and novels coming soon! 

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5 thoughts on “Paw is Free for 5 days!

  1. Very cool, my friend!
    Did you get a lot of downloads?
    How did you advertise it apart from here?

    Sorry for the interrogation…..I’m merely curious.

    Sending you a big, big hug & I’m proud of you for all that you’re doing with your writing.

    • Thanks so much for the awesome encouragement Dyane!! I am always glad to hear from you and I have been meaning to email you when I can get my thoughts together. The free promotion was advertised on a website called for my genre I paid 100 dollars for a five day promotion to sort of jumpstart the advertising process. I did it with my short story hook “Becoming the Story” and hundreds of people downloaded it during the promotion. Then, for several weeks afterward, a bunch of people continued to download it, only this time they bought it! It was very exciting. Later I made my book free for good, hoping people would like it enough to buy my other books

      The price for the Freebooksy promo depends on the genre. I am not sure how much memoirs would be. Nonfiction books tend to be cheaper. I got about 2700 downloads from this promotion and a new review. Overall I think it was a good deal. Let me know if you decide to do it. I hope your sales are going well! I really did love your book but you already know that! Good luck! XOXO

      • WOW!!!!!!!!!! Freebooksy sounds like an amazing resource. Thanks so much for explaining it to me! I might go for it down the line.I’d definitely let you know if I wind up doing it, I still am clueless about my book sales, despite leaving a message at the publisher last Friday. I’ll contact them yet again tomorrow, which is supposedly the day they get the new report. The whole thing is…well, you know how i feel about it. Thanks again for that wonderful, wonderful review—lots of love to you, my special friend! XOXOOXXOXOXOOOXOXOXOXOO

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