New Book Release: Binary Boy

Binary Boy is finally out! In it I venture into classic science fiction territory so steeped in tradition, I found writing about it somewhat daunting at first: robots in space. But I am glad I took the risk. In my version, a deadly virus wipes out the human passengers on a colonial ship bound for a distant planet. Except there is one survivor:  a four year old boy who ends up being raised by robots. When the story opens, he is 12. Here is the Amazon description:

           Somewhere between the breath of life and the cold steel of sentience, a young boy fights his primal nature in a world unlike any other. For young Devin has seen death before–and everything in his nature has turned him against the humanity he harbors. After surviving a deadly outbreak onboard a colony spaceship, 12-year-old Devin has found a new life alongside his sentient savior, companion, and caregiver, a robot named Ark. In Ark’s care Devin grows up uncertain and afraid of a world controlled by people as terrifying childhood memories continue to plague him. Adding to his horror, Ark and her companion Rue have begun a return journey to his home planet of Earth in the hopes of restoring him to his human roots. However, Devin identifies with robots, not people, and  Devin fights the decision with every breath until a tragic event near Earth forces Devin to leave his ship in order to survive. However, the transition will not be an easy one. What lies ahead is a journey of peril both within and without as Devin must make the journey back to Earth and rediscover what it means to be human–even if it means becoming someone completely different…

Binary Boy is the first book of my new project, the “Torn Curtain” series. Most of my “Torn Curtain” ebooks will explore possible futures based on observations of the present. They are longer than most short stories but unlike my novels they are designed to be read in one or two hours. Binary Boy is about 40 pages. My next installment is a more light-hearted book called The Mad Scientist Aptitude Test.

I am currently in the editing and revision stage of my sequel to my novel Paw, but the “Torn Curtain” project allows me to experiment with other ideas when I want to take a break from my novel. If you enjoy science fiction, check out Binary Boy and let me know what you think of my robots. And whether you might, if you had the chance, want to take them home with you, as I do.

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6 thoughts on “New Book Release: Binary Boy

    • Thanks Carrie! I just started your new book and I’m really enjoying it! I like the contrast of having a main character steeped in a skeptical scientific mindset thrust into a creepy paranormal situation. Your writing also contains a subtle humor that makes me sympathize with your characters. Looking forward to reading the rest of it! 🙂

  1. I am so proud of you (yet again!) Your creativity and prolific abilty to write are so amazing, Lisa. You really are gifted.So here’s a huge congrats on “Binary Boy” as it kicks off your “Torn Curtain” series!!!

    Love you!


    p.s. I still have your last email in my in-box; the ball is in my court to write you with the latest.

    p.p.s. You’ve been such a wonderful source of support—I’ll never be able to properly thank you enough!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement and wonderful compliments Dyane! Your comments always make my day. No rush on writing back but I hope you’re doing well, and I’ll be happy to hear from you whenever you get the time. Thanks for being such an awesome and supportive friend!! XOXOXO

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