My Newest Release, “The Mad Scientist Aptitude Test,” is Now Free

There has been heated debate about the need for more women to enter scientific careers, but no one ever talks about the woeful gender inequality raging in the promising field of mad science. Step aside, Dr. Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde. Meet Betty Sue Collins, a waitress in a wig who, frustrated with her ordinary life, sets aside med school plans in favor of pursuing a career in science — mad science. Which means being more like her brainy misfit heroes with the enticing possibility of ruling the world. But there is a price. if she wants to join the ranks of the masters, she will have to take a test — a test shrouded in mystery, one that is far more challenging than any she has taken before. She only knows that being a mad scientist will require equal parts genius and insanity, and she seeks to prove to herself and to others that she has enough of both.

This is the gist of my newest e-book “The Mad Science Aptitude Test.” It was a case of writing what I wanted to read, which is the funnest kind of story to write. Before writing it, I honestly wondered if a female mad scientist had ever been represented in literature; if there was one, I could not think of any so I decided to make history and reverse this egregious omission.

While the story is “feminist” in only the most lighthearted sense, I am usually disappointed with villainesses and female anti-heroes in the science fiction world. Too many seem to be quixotic, paper-thin stereotypes, capricious and moody for no reason. I wrote a character with issues I could identify with, despite her outward eccentricities stemming from early childhood trauma.

That being said, my mad scientist story is also a departure from the first story of my “Torn Curtain ” series. Unlike Binary Boy, “The Mad Scientist Aptitude Test” is light-hearted, comic-book-like, and short enough to read in less than an hour. I started off selling the story at 99 cents but because it is so short comparatively, I decided to make it free like my collection Becoming the Story. I do not earn much from a 99 cent book, and making it free gets it to readers who might not take a chance on it otherwise.

However, new stories are on their way. I have just finished writing Dragon-proof, the next story in the Torn Curtain series, which will be closer to the length of Binary Boy. I have also been thinking of writing a sequel to Binary Boy since many reviewers said they would like to read what happens next; I would actually like to know what happens next, too.

In addition to writing my Torn Curtain series, I am continuing to work on my sequel to Paw, which should be done soon.

A final word: Please support gender equality in the mad sciences by downloading “The Mad Science Aptitude Test” today. It is free, and it might even inspire a career change for those of you who are willing to make a daring leap. In fact, I encourage it.  I heard that world-ruling is a rewarding occupation and, with the right minions, you could probably do a much better job  than those who are ruling the world nowadays. Then again, probably so could my cat. She already rules my apartment, which gives her formidable governing experience rivaling that of the canniest dictator. Luckily for you, at the moment she is busy batting a plastic milk ring under the stove, so now is the perfect time, while her attention is diverted, to download my book, get inspired, and embark on a shady, exciting, brilliant new life of productive madness. But first, there is a test you need to take…

Download The Mad Scientist Aptitude Test Now

14 thoughts on “My Newest Release, “The Mad Scientist Aptitude Test,” is Now Free

        • Thank you Carrie!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I really appreciate that you tried to leave a review and I’m so sorry that Amazon deleted it after you went to the trouble! My husband thinks they might have just delayed posting it, so I hope that’s it. If not I still really appreciate your effort and kind words. Off to check out that email. 🙂

          • I read the review on Goodreads! I love what you said!!! Thanks so much. 🙂 it really helps since I don’t have many reviews for that one.

            Not sure what is going on with Amaxon. My page says I have three review but when I click on the link it only takes me to two. Regardless I really appreciate your support, and I’m glad you enjoyed the story. You’re the best!

  1. My goodness. You are a MACHINE. I swear you must not stop writing except when nature calls and other pesky thing get in the way.

    Congrats on another new book release! Curious though, do you find “book blurbs” any easier to write since you’ve done so many?

    • Thanks Lani! I do write constantly and I love doing it, but I often feel frustrated that I don’t write faster. I often start over on my stories in order to achieve the particular effect I want. On the other hand, I heard Stephen King wrote a 500 page book in 15 days. Apparently it was good enough to publish. When I hear news like that I wonder how it is possible to achieve high quality work in such a short amount of time. I’m so jealous!

      As for the blurbs, I’ve written my share of them but it’s never been my favorite part. Someone who advises me on marketing said that the tendency is for fiction writers to summarize when the objective of a book description is to mystify and entice; it should read like a movie trailor. He talked me into hiring a writer who specializes in book blurbs on a website called “”. At first I resisted. I like to think I do a good enough job on my own. But I was actually impressed. The website is very affordable and the writers did do a great job. Plus it leaves me with more time to focus on the stories themselves. I hired blurb writere for “Binary Boy” and “The Mad Scientist Aptitide Test,” but those have been the only ones so far. Thanks for the compliments! I hope you’ve been doing well. 🙂

      • OH, god, don’t compare yourself to Stephen King!

        I didn’t know fiverr did book blurbs. How interesting. I’ll remember that.

        Good luck Lisa!

        • Ha,ha,point taken, Lani. I am making a note to myself, “Do not compare self to Stephen King.” I feel saner already! Thanks for wishing me luck. Good luck on your current work in progress too (Didn’t you mention that you were working on a new memoir? If so, I’d love to read it whenever it comes out. :-))

          • Awww, thanks. Yeah, it’s been never ending edits and then I decided to try a kickstarter for writers thingy, then backed out when I realized it was not a good idea – and now I’m querying agents – why oh why??? But self-publishing is still on my mind.

          • I’ve been through the frustrating querying process so I feel your pain! Good luck with finishing the editing and getting an agent if that’s what you want. You’re certainly talented enough. Regardless of how you publish I’ll be happy to read another Lani Cox memoir. 🙂

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