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I am a fantasy and science fiction author living in Ocala Florida. I have the imagination of a ten year old, which is why I write fantasy novels, but I have the knowledge of an adult who loves to read, which allows me to write science fiction.

My inner ten year old and I have written two novels, numerous short stories, and a lot of blog posts. My book of short stories called Becoming the Story represents my first foray into science fiction, but I still enjoy the infinite freedom of fantasy. I have also written an e-book on rediscovering creativity in writing called A Trail of Crumbs to Creative Freedom. My soon-to-be-released novel The Ghosts of Chimera is a psychological fantasy about a troubled 13 year old boy who is drawn into another world in a search for the ghost of his younger brother.

My first fantasy novel, Thief of Hades, is based on the Greek myth of the underworld ferryman Charon. Charon is an unsung hero in Greek mythology, but to his credit, a moon of Pluto got named after him. If he was important enough to be a moon, I thought he should have his own novel.

I will also be releasing two more short story collections this year, plus a new self-published novel titled Paw inspired by the game Skyrim.

As for my “real life,” I moved to Ocala, Florida from South Carolina over two years ago, and have been absorbing the environment as inspiration for my fiction. I have a cat with a soft belly and tufted ears who rules my life but, little does she know, a mutiny is coming soon.

Follow my blog, and I will tell you how it goes.

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  1. Cheers to being a kid-at-heart. My ten-year-old is into fantasy books as well. My husband tries to convince him to read a book with historical content, but I say heck if he’s reading so voraciously why not…ten won’t last forever so enjoy the fantasy world while it last!

    • I am all for reading what you enjoy. I agree with you. I hope your son has a lot of happy days reading what he likes. 🙂

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